Don’t Fall For It. . . Wash Your Hair

I have seen so many videos on YouTube and blog posts all over the internet talking about washing your hair once a week, once a month, or not even at all. I think a lot of these videos and posts are deceiving though. There is no blanket statement that can be made about when you should wash your hair.

If you wash your hair once a week and love it, then great, you’ve found the sweet spot for your hair. Now don’t get me wrong, conditioning your hair is possible. No, not shampoo and condition. Condition as in teach. If you want to only wash your hair once a week, you can train your hair by washing it once a week. If you wash your hair every day, it will be prone to being washed every day and if you skip a wash trust me, you will be able to tell.

How often you should wash your hair is based solely on your hair type. Oily hair, dandruff-prone hair,  and fine hair should be washed more frequently than dry and thick hair. If you live in a humid climate or workout and sweat very frequently, you should also wash your hair more often.

They key here is to listen to your hair and more importantly, your scalp. Personally, I know it’s time to wash my hair because my scalp starts to itch. Depending on what I’ve been doing, that can mean anywhere from 1 to 4 days. Pay close attention to the way your hair reacts when you go without washing it a couple days. Keep in mind that you will have to push your hair in order to condition it.

As for people with a flaky scalp, try dropping your dandruff shampoo for good. My hair goes through phases where I suffer from a flaky scalp. As soon as I notice it, I pull out my Head & Shoulders or even my Neutrogena T-Gel. That is until I found out sticking with your regular shampoo is actually better for your hair. Don’t get confused with dandruff and a flaky scalp. With dandruff, you will experience a mass amount of large waxy pieces of skin found in clumps. Flaky skin is characterized mainly by small dry flakes of skin scattered throughout the hair. If you suffer from actual dandruff, make an appointment with your dermatologist and find a medicated shampoo that will work best for you.

The bottom line is don’t listen to blanket statements made for the majority. Everyone is different and everyone has a different hair type. The best thing you can do is find yours and perfect the way you care for your hair.

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